2016 Cydia iOS 10 Design. Updated design & Usability.

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Saurik updated their 2016 Cydia iOS 10 version for all jailbroken devices. Why?

2016 Cydia iOS 10 design itself didn’t change, but the popular jailbreak tweaks repo that hosts the majority of the did. One of them – BigBoss Repo.

2016’s BigBoss repo underwent a redesign, resulting in a cleaner look, and a more friendly interface. Of course, since this change is limited to the BigBoss repo, you won’t see any changes in packages hosted on other repos.

2016 Cydia Store – an alternative app store for iOS like the App Store, only for units passed the procedure of jailbreaking. Programs from Cydia set to bypass the security system iPhone. They can be functionally richer applications from the App Store, t. To. They have no restrictions on access to the file system. Most of the programs to the directory free of charge.

Very interesting… Why Saurik updated Cydia Store now?  Maybe – Jailbreak iOS 9.2 coming soon…  ok it’s for future Cydia iOS 10 version…