A Beautiful Chinese Winery in Beijing

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The market for China domestic wine production in joint ventures with foreign companies has grown, and often the companies reside in imitated French chateaus, Italian fantasy castles or traditional Chinese courtyard houses, which are used for the sale of wine and the presentation of the vineyards.

This 60,000-square-foot winery is part of a luxury complex from a hotel group, which combines wine showroom, restaurant and underground winery. The pavilion is built on an artificial island surrounded by water, amidst a vineyard. The ground floor space is separated in five different wings, each with its own characteristics.The building which designed by Japanese architects adds a new destination on the map of wine experts and lovers of architecture in Beijing …





The consumption and production of wine is increasing rapidly in China. The market has already become one of the largest in the world. The upper price ranges international products from Europe, California or Australia are becoming more and more common in the shops. In big cities like Shanghai or Beijing, specialized convenient stores and specialty wine shops have emerged in the last five years. Higher-quality import wines are often given as gifts between businessmen. Chateau Lafite and Castel are among the most expensive brands.
Foreign winemakers intend to unveil its own wine outlets in China in the next three to five years. The goal is to help Chinese consumers learn more about wine and drink more of it. Chinese consumer are getting rich nowadays, but most of them can’t distinguish ‘real’ wine. More and more fake wines can be found across the country as the imported wine industry explodes in the market.



SOURCE: World Architects via GIZMODO
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