Add classic iOS 6 Icons on iOS 17 iPhone models

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Here you can see how to install iOS 6 icons on new iOS 17 via one click. Ultimately, the desire to install iOS 6 icons on iOS 17 likely stems from a mix of personal preferences, nostalgia, and the ongoing pursuit of individualizing the iOS experience. As iOS evolves, the tension between embracing modern design trends.  Preserving the charm of earlier iOS 6 versions will continue to shape user preferences and customization trends. If you like original design like Tesla, you can make your iPhone like iOS 6. 🙂


Here is iOS 6 Icons list:

Facebook Cards
Maps Remote
Twitter Flipboard
Reminder Garageband
Stocks Keynote
Calculator Find My Friends
Game Center Instagram
Settings Itunes Movie Trailers
Mail Pay With Square
Youtube Podcasts
Photos Imovie
Phone Iphoto
Compass Spotify
Clock Foursquare
Messages Fantastical
Notes Duolingo
Safari 1password
Camera IBooks
Pages Tweetbot
Wunderlist Things
App Store Twitterific

How to install iOS 6 icons on new iOS 17 via one click:

1. Download our iOS 6 icons Configuration profile via our [link]
2. Tab “Allow”

3. After that you can see message:

4. Go to “Settings” and “General”

5. Go to “VPM & Device Management”

6. Click “iOS 6 Icons”

7. Click “Install” , enter password and one more time click “Install”

Done. You can see all iOS 6 icons on your Home Screen. Now


BONUS: iOS 6 Wallpaper

Here you can see 7 reasons why some owners of new iPhone 15 or other iOS 17 supported devices might express a desire for such customization:

1. Nostalgia and Vintage Appeal:
iOS 6 marked a significant era in the evolution of iOS design. Some users may feel a sense of nostalgia for the aesthetics and visual elements of iOS 6. Appreciating the simpler and skeuomorphic iOS 6 design choices that were prevalent during that time.

2. Personalization and Customization:
iOS users often seek ways to personalize their devices. The desire to install iOS 6 icons could stem from a longing for the ability to customize the look and feel of their device to match their own aesthetic preferences. Even if it means incorporating elements from a previous iOS 6 version.

3. Resistance to Flat Design:
With the introduction of iOS 7, Apple shifted from skeuomorphic design to a more flat and minimalistic approach. Some users might prefer the older, more textured design style of iOS 6 icons and resist the trend towards flat design in newer iOS versions.

4. Unique and Recognizable Design:
iOS 6 icons had a distinct and recognizable design that set them apart. Users might appreciate the unique visual identity of the iOS 6 icons and wish to maintain that familiarity even on more recent iOS 17 versions.

5. Sense of Individuality:
The ability to customize device aesthetics, including icons, can provide users with a sense of individuality and uniqueness. Installing iOS 6 icons on iOS 17 could be a way for users to differentiate their devices and express their own style.

6. Visual Consistency Across Devices:
Some users may prefer a consistent visual experience across their Apple devices. If they have an affinity for the iOS 6 iconography, they might seek ways to replicate that visual consistency across different iOS versions.

7. Community Trends and Preferences:
Social and online communities often influence user preferences. If there is a trend or community-driven interest in replicating iOS 6 icons on newer iOS 17 versions, users might be motivated to follow suit to be a part of that community or trend.

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