AirPods Ship Date USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe

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AirPods Ship Date USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe, Worldwide. AirPods is most awaited Apple’s wireless headphones in 2016. Headphones can be connected not only to the iPhone, but also iPad and Mac. Apple has sold the first batch of wireless headphones AirPods.

AirPods Ship Date USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe:

AirPods Ship Date USA: 5-7-th, January
AirPods Ship Date Canada: 5-7-th, January
AirPods Ship Date Australia: 2-5-th, January
AirPods Ship Date United Kingdom: 5-7-th, January
AirPods Ship Date Europe: 5-7-th, January
AirPods Ship Date Germany: 5-7-th, January
AirPods Ship Date France: 5-7-th, January

Currently Apple’s online store is observed AirPods deficit. In particular, the ability to send the headphones on the orders of three weeks, that is to buy the headphones will not end until the New Year. The American branch of store situation is even worse, we’ll have to wait for delivery a month.

Apple introduced AirPods wireless headphones in September 2016 together with the iPhone 7 and promised to release it in October. However, it was soon announced that the company will not be able to start deliveries in the promised time. Sales of Apple branded headset launched December 13th. That’s all about AirPods Ship Date.

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