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AliExpress Review – Is aliexpress safe to use credit card? Yes.

Today we want to tell you some aliexpress review from customers. If you want to buy products on Aliexpress, you can do it now. it’s safe for you, safe for your credit cards and safe for your privacy.

“At first like most I was very skeptical to order from AliExpress but decided to risk it and go ahead anyway, I had amazing contact with my seller, he wrote back almost instantly throughout the time I ordered till i received my product and even after he offered me a discounted price if i ever ordered again, my product came in great shape and will likely be ordering again asap, the only slight issue i had was the shipping took about 10 days which was displayed from 5-15 days so it was honest and even earlier then said but i just hated waiting lol I tagged a review of my product watch if you are interested thanks!”

“I order from Ali express multiple times a week. I’ve only had one complaint & messaged my sender & they replaced my product with zero hassle. Like anything else don’t be stupid about who you order from. I only order from top ranked sellers & sellers who have multiple positive feedback posts from buyers. I order sunglasses, clothes jewelry, make up, etc. They have a buyer protection also, so if your item Is not exactly as described you can get it replaced & keep the damaged/ not wanted item anyways. Do research on sellers & you’ll be fine. Literally it’s my favorite website, I’m addicted.”

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