Amazing new Skeuomorphism in iOS 13.

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Skeuomorphism in iOS 13. Next year, Apple will completely transform the interface iOS 13: it is going to redraw the icons, make the UI elements – buttons, windows, panels and notifications more realistic, update the keyboard.

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Despite the highly ambiguous implementation of these interface elements from the point of view of design, users will for the most part have to remain satisfied with the appearance of the new mobile platform. The first thing that will catch your eye when you start the device on iOS 13 – new wallpapers and icons.

New Phone icons, Music, Messages, Mail, Kiosk and Notes on iOS 13 will be very similar to the real ones that we meet in life, i.e. this will be a new style of skeuomorphism. The new iOS 13 will turn out fresh, clean and less bright than before.


Insiders claim that this will not be a return to the design in the style of iOS 6, but a completely different level. Recently, we can see how iOS 12 design is more like a cartoon style, but it can not last long. In our time, customers want to get something new, not an adapted old one, so Apple understands this.