Apple HomePod Release Date, Prices, Features


Apple at the WWDC 2017 conference in San Jose introduced the “smart” speaker system HomePod. As expected, the device is a “smart” home assistant with the support of a proprietary voice assistant.

This is just the case when when the device is worth it to wait. HomePod received deep integration with Apple’s “apple” devices and services. Users can use the gadget to manage “smart” gadgets with support for Apple HomeKit and the music service Apple Music. The device listens to the user with six built-in microphones.

The volume and sound quality of HomePod is significantly higher than that of competitors. The speaker can offer virtual surround sound at the expense of a special speaker system with seven tweeters around it. As stated in Apple, the system creates in the house the effect of filling the room.

The equipment of the device includes the Apple A8 processor, both in iPhone smartphones and sensors for automatic volume control depending on the level of ambient noise. That is, the column can automatically make music quieter when the user is talking to someone on the phone.

HomePod can ask about the weather, play playlists, podcasts, set reminders, learn about traffic jams, the nearest sporting events and so on. And in the presence of a customized HomeKit, you can control lighting, air conditioners, curtains and other smart things.

The launch of HomePod has two main goals: to create a basis for an “intelligent” home by means of Apple HomeKit technology and to tie users to the Apple ecosystem, since most of the Amazon Echo and Google Home do not support apple services.

As mentioned above, despite the possible June announcement, the smart column will not go on sale until the end of the year. The cost of the device in black and white is $ 349.

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