Apple iPhone 11 Pro has new camera quality. You can take amazing photos.

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iPhone 11 Pro camera quality and features. After the first leaks, many users were confused by the design of the iPhone 11, which will get a rather bulky camera. However, it seems that the manufacturer will be able to justify these changes with high quality shooting.

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iPhone 11 Pro Camera has high photo quality and takes great photos. All gadgets work on the basis of processor A13 Bionic. The chip received a coprocessor, known as AMX or “matrix”, which will be responsible for massive calculations, reducing the load on the main processor.

The third camera in the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will allow smartphones to shoot with a wide angle of capture. The main feature of the new sensors is the use of artificial intelligence — the device takes photos of three cameras at the same time, after which the algorithm combines them into one frame and corrects the shortcomings.

The new system will also allow you to take higher-resolution photos and help improve the quality of images in low-light conditions.

Perhaps, the new iPhone will get to the top of DxOMark rating, which is now headed by Samsung and Huawei. Among dozens of Android smartphones iPhone XS Max, the current flagship of Apple, takes only the 10th place in the quality of the camera.