Apple iPhone 11S Price in USA + iPhone Sales by model 2020

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New iPhone 11S, iPhone 11S Pro and iPhone 11S Pro Max have been presented at Apple’s big presentation in September for many years in a row. To be more precise, the presentation is likely to take place later than September 12. But new products will not be available until the beginning of October. Recall that in the United States, trade in new iPhone 11S from last year starts along with the rest of the world.

Only diamonds, gold, and iPhones are constantly getting more expensive. Despite all the forecasts of insiders, the iPhone 11 has become more expensive in relation to smartphones of 2018. At a minimum, smartphones of the iPhone 11S family will cost no less than the current iPhone 11.


iPhone 11S Price in USA (Global):

iPhone 11S Model iPhone 11S Price USA
iPhone 11S 64 GB: $699
iPhone 11S 128 GB: $749
iPhone 11S 256 GB: $849
iPhone 11S Pro 64 GB: $999
iPhone 11S Pro 256 GB: $1149
iPhone 11S Pro 512 GB: $1349
iPhone 11S Pro Max 64 GB: $1099
iPhone 11S Pro Max 256 GB: $1249
iPhone 11S Pro Max 512 GB: $1449

The main innovation in terms of communications for the iPhone will be support for 5G. Authoritative Apple product analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the entire line will work in mobile networks of the fifth generation. By default, 5G will be enabled in devices for the us, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and the UK markets. In other countries, according to an insider, the company will disable support for working in this range at the software level.

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