Apple iPhone XS Features, Battery Life, Charge Time

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Here are complete Apple iPhone XS Features: Specs, Battery Life, Display Size. If you want to buy all-new iPhone in 2018, you must know all fulls specifications about it. Here you can see last updates about new iPhone XS 2018 named iPhone 11.

Apple iPhone XS Features:

– Full-format OLED-display with minimal frames.
– Reinforced glass body.
– The system on the most powerful processor A12.
– 4 GB of RAM.
– Accelerated fast charging.
– Fast wireless charging.
– Face recognition function Face ID 2.0.
– Brand new gold color.

Apple iPhone XS Battery Life:

A curious topic that worries many of us is the battery of the iPhone XS. It’s interesting how long the iPhone XS battery lasts, and how much time it takes to charge it. The iPhone XS comes with a battery whose capacity is 2716 mAh. The battery itself is L-shaped. Apple did it on purpose to squeeze the largest battery in the case. Of course, the iPhone XS battery is not as big as on Android phones, but it’s bigger battery lifetime to the iPhone X.

iPhone XS battery life is: 8 hours 41 minutes
iPhone XS charge time : 189 minutes

So, according to the experiment, the operating time of the iPhone XS is 8 hours 41 minutes. For comparison, the operating time of iPhone 8 Plus is 10 hours 35 minutes, iPhone 8 – 8 hours 37 minutes, Samsung Galaxy S8 + – 8 hours. To charge the iPhone X 100 percent, you need to spend 189 minutes.