Apple Thunderbolt Display 5K Price & Release Date. Coming soon.

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Apple Thunderbolt Display 5K. Judging by the fact that the Thunderbolt Display Monitor disappeared from the majority of Apple Store around the world, the company is ready to offer to Mac users a modern model of the device. According to 9to5Mac, in addition to the “super fine” display panel new Apple display will boast built-in graphics card.

In the Apple Store noticed deficit Thunderbolt Display monitors worldwide. This situation typically arises in the case of extremely high demand on the device, or if a new generation of output. Obviously, the monitor 2011 can hardly enjoy great popularity in 2016, so it is obvious that Apple has reduced delivery Display Thunderbolt in its retail stores, and possibly all stopped its production. Apple Thunderbolt Display 5K Price & Release Date. Coming soon.

To replace Thunderbolt Display, which entered the market in 2011 and since then has never been updated, comes the second generation. Experts believe that Apple will introduce it to the public at the exhibition WWDC 2016 to be held in a few days. The novelty is to get 5K resolution screen (5120 2880 pixels), USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3. At the same time, the body will become more compact dimensions, and the design will be similar to the iMac.