Apple Watch 3 Release Date, Features, Battery Life.

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Apple Watch 3 Release Date, Features, Battery Life. Apple Watch Series 3 is most awaited smartphones in 2017. We know that Apple paid attention to design of their new products like iPhone 8, iPad Pro 2 and Apple Watch Series 3. They made it so carefully, that watches looks really attractive.

Apple Watch 3 Features:
Apple Watch 2 is the best smartphones in 2016, but we want more. On the hand Apple Watch 3 will look serious and expensive in contrast to other smartwatches manufacturers. I wish, Apple won’t do watches slimmer in future, because, I think, they are slim enough and looks quite impressive. But, I wish Apple watches were a little bit heavier.

Our wishlist for the Apple Watch Series 3, expected in September 2017. It will be best smartphones for all who want to buy Apple products and have big plans to sport, business and lifestyle with new Apple watch 3.

Apple Watch 3 Release Date:
Next generation Apple Watch 3 will be expected to be launched during the summer of 2017, and will offer standalone wireless connectivity without having to be tethered to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Apple will be also looking to expand other mobile options along with better health related sensors and new usability. Apple has long been working on the technologies for its wearable device such as a new camera, wireless, sleep tracking, and health sensor technologies, but it is yet to be seen which of these features will be embedded in Apple Watch 3.

Apple Watch 3 Price:
Apple Watch 3 will be have similar pricing strategy like Apple Watch 2. Apple watch 3 still comes in smaller (38mm) and larger (42mm) sizes like others generation. Apple watch 3 Price in USA start at $369 for 38mm aluminum and go up to $1,299 for the 42mm ceramic option.

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