Are Apple Phones Being Used to Spy on owners?

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It’s amazing news. We have tested the new Locator (Find My) application. App allows you to find a stolen device, even if it is not connected to the Internet.

The locator combines two system applications-Find My Phone and Find My Friends.

How to find an iPhone if it is not connected to the Internet:

Step 1: If you lost your iPhone, iPad or MacBook, go to this program on any iOS 13 device. If this is not possible, open and put your device in the missing mode.

Step 2: When Apple detects a lost iPhone, it will send a notification that the missing mode is activated. It is important that this does not happen through a cellular network, but via Bluetooth. The device communicates with other people’s Apple devices and receives information from them from the owner.

Step 3: Geolocation can be determined via iPhone or iPad, which are within Bluetooth signal distance from the lost device. Thus, the location of the iPhone can give gadgets random passers-by, who found themselves near the place of its location.

Step 4: Apple not only finds the lost device, but also starts sending its current location every 5-15 minutes.

Stealing Apple gadgets has become even more pointless. Well, after the theft, the thief will either have to quickly disassemble the device into parts, or go into the wilderness, where there is not a single person with an iPhone or iPad for tens of kilometers.

We have some bad news for you. Now Apple will always follow the owner of the iPhone

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