Big Uploading Day. 12/12/2015.

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Big Uploading Day. 12/12/2015. Very interesting date. Yesterday we got information from our friends about big plans for Facebook Down strategy.

It will not only Facebook, but Twitter and Instagram can have a “Big Uploading Day“. What is it? It’s day when some Chinese hackers teams will be upload a lots of videos and shots via spacial upload servers (hacked PC Bot Network). It’s mean we can see a lot of “uncensored video” with #pictureoftheday, #follow, #followme, #instagram, #movies and more & more. We don’t know why uploaders want to upload such videos and shots, but it’s one of the first way for way “Life without social networks“.

Ok. I think all who have children and family must understand that it will be not beautiful shots, but uncensored shots and video. 🙁

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