Bypass iOS 7 Activation Lock on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch After Jailbreak.

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App: Activation Lock iOS 7

After the release of the tool Evasi0n7 for untethered jailbreak iOS 7, iphone owners blocked Activation Lock function in iCloud got hope that light will finally decision to bypass this block and start the device in normal operation mode. One of the hackers are able to develop such a tweak, commented on the situation in Twitter.

iH8sn0w – famous hacker, author of such famous utilities as f0recast, iREB, iFaith, p0sixspwn, sn0wbreeze, which are somehow associated with the activation of burglary or iOS. It is on this person all jailbreak community expects, it was expected of him an application that can bypass the iOS 7 Activation Lock in iCloud, for which thousands of iPhone and iPad at the moment are the bricks.

The other day a hacker completely denied this rumor in his twitter’e and affirmatively stated that he will develop a similar tool. According to iH8sn0w the creation of such a hack contrary to the law and is illegal.

Generally, the network recently just boils topic with respect to yield tweak or hack to bypass the lock on iCloud iOS 7. Many simply can not understand that this procedure is not legitimate and is fully consistent with the policies Apple.

It is clear that without the approval of the “Apple” this tweak is not legally possible to issue and publish . Behind this is the reputation of the entire corporation. So either Apple will lower the bar and allow the unit to remove the activation in a simplified manner , or give the go-ahead and allow hackers to launch the utility. In what direction will develop , we’ll be sure to tell , so stay tuned for our news .

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