Can I use my phone while charging?

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The most problematic component of a modern smartphone is the chemical battery, which still has to be recharged every day, as it was 10 years ago. This means that the average user regularly has to work with a smartphone that is on a charge.

Can I use my phone while charging?

First of all, you should consider the issue of safety, in order to exclude the possibility of electric shock and even death. In the case of chargers for mobile gadgets, this is not just a warning for the Pro forma, but a very real threat, from which the use of the original (complete) adapter saves.

However, not everything is so simple, because many are not satisfied, for example, 5 watt charger, which is put in a box with an iPhone. For more efficient charging of the Apple gadget, you can buy a device with more current from Apple or other trusted manufacturers. In this case, it will still be safe to use the smartphone while charging, but the battery life will be reduced (by a very small value).

The most dangerous option is to buy a cheap charger from an unnamed manufacturer. Such an adapter can actually kill a person and such incidents have already taken place. And in several cases, it was found that the user was just talking on the phone while charging, rather than playing heavy games or running energy-intensive applications.

Another problem is the slow charging and heating of the battery while using the gadget on a charge. Running a game or even a movie on a smartphone that is connected to a power source, you will notice an increase in the temperature of the case, and this is not at all useful for the battery of the device. If such loads are regularly given to the battery, it affects its service life, and in the worst case, it is even possible to ignite the battery.

Can I use my phone while charging? – You can use a smartphone on a charge if you are confident in the manufacturer of the gadget and the charger, but the battery will experience additional loads and heat up. If you have in your hands, for example, Apple iPhone, Samsung flagships and other TOP smartphones with a complete adapter-there is nothing to fear…

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