China’s mobile phone users reached 594 million

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China is the best place for new iPhone 6S and rumored iPhone 6c. Why? Hmm. China Internet Network Information Center (CINIC) released its 36th report, it disclosed the situation of China’s netizens investigation, structural features, access mode and network applications and so on.

The report shows that as of June 2015, Chinese netizens reached 668 million, Internet penetration rate of 48.8%; the scale of mobile phone users reached 594 million!!! (half billion), accounting for up to 88.9%. While netizens growth continued to slow, the number of mobile Internet continue to be a big increase in mobile phone users as Internet terminals further major trends apparent.

The scale of China’s mobile phone users reached 594 million, compared with December 2014 increased 679 million Internet users in the proportion of people using mobile Internet increased from December 2014 of 85.8% to 88.9%, with the large screen and a mobile phone handset terminals application experience on the rise, mobile phone users as the main trend of the Internet terminal is further evident.

Reported that the proportion of access to the Internet via desktop and laptop computers were 68.4% and 42.5%, respectively, compared with the end of 2014 decreased by 2.4 and 0.7 percentage points, computer-side migration trend is clearly towards the mobile phone side. In addition, the proportion of Internet users use the Internet tablet is 33.7%, compared with the end of 2014 decreased by 1.1 percentage points. Big screen of the phone and constantly improve application experience better meet the entertainment needs of mobile phone users, the use of tablet PCs have an impact.

Via CNNIC (Chinese)

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