Drone DJI Mavic Pro 2 is Jailbroken!!!

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Drone Jailbreak

Drone Jailbreak: Everyone who has at least once launched a drone knows that you can not lift up the drone everywhere.

Many people buying a drone, think they can fly over airports, factories, military bases and places of private property. Knowing this, the company DJI provided it during takeoff, the software checks for prohibited areas and only then allows you to take off.

But there are people who love freedom and want to fly everywhere. Unfortunately legally it is impossible to make it. That’s why there’s been more and more reports of a drone system being hacked lately. This hack is called jailbreak.

The drone jailbreak allows you to modify the software and not to agree with the generally accepted flight rules. Despite the fact that this is an illegal way, recently we have been getting more and more questions about it.

We are contacted by the drone jailbreak teams that are doing this work and claim that the drone jailbreak will be released soon. Whether it will be available to all we do not know.

What do you think about it? Do you want to be able to fly a drone anywhere in the world?