Electra Jailbreak Download Links

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Electra Jailbreak Download Links. CoolStar has released a new tool for jailbreak iOS 11 with Cydia support. Electra 1.0.1 is compatible with all latest Apple devices, including the iPhone X, and all versions of iOS 11 supported devices

The new version of Electra is now available with Cydia support. This means that the user can use the program to install unlicensed applications on the iOS device. To use jailbreak Electra, it’s enough to download the application to your device using a computer running Mac or Windows, and then launch it on iOS.

Many specialists participated in the jailbreak development. Among them are CoolStar, Jan Pir, xerub, Siguza, pwn20wnd, theninjaprawn, stek29, PsychoTea and others. Everyone was responsible for a separate process in creating Electra – that they should say thank you.

Updated: 7 July, 2018

Electra Jailbreak Download Links:

iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak tool: [link]

iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak special version for developers: [link