Eternal iOS 8 Jailbreak for Your iPhone 5S Will Be released in Autumn.

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Developer: Evad3rs

Breaking news for iPhone 5S. A few days after news of a vulnerability iBoot- level opening “eternal” jailbreak for devices to the processor A5 (X), there was a message from the hacker Winocm, which hinted that the same jailbreak can get a smartphone and iPhone 5s. The announcement was published on February 6 in twitter.

News that the relatively recent Apple devices with processors A5 (X), can get “eternal” jailbreak based on iBoot- vulnerability appeared iH8sn0w tweeted February 2. This processor is known, equipped smartphones iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini and iPods iPod touch 5G. Now we are talking about the flagship iPhone 5s, which is built on the latest chip A7. The truth about this model wrote another hacker Winocm, he mentioned in the message iH8sn0w.

Previous iBoot- level vulnerability in the iPhone and iPad A4 processor opened a few years ago, the hacker Geohot. Any updates to the operating system from Apple can not block based on this vulnerability tools for ” hacking ” and as a result users get the so-called “eternal” jailbreak . Until the termination of support for these devices , hackers can quickly produce software updates for hacking.

Information about finding vulnerabilities in iBoot- iPhone 5s has not yet received confirmation . According to iH8sn0w, he does not plan to use their findings to create exploits , and save them for new versions of iOS. Then he added that the discovery of iBoot- A5/A5X vulnerability opens the possibility of ” eternal” jailbreak for devices with processors A6/A7.

Based on vulnerability iBoot program no less effective than the bootrom- exploits . However, when used properly , it allows you to create untethered jailbreak for any version of iOS.

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