Hands-On With Angry Birds Shoes

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The parcel guy just called, and guess what he brought? Nothing less than The Official Shoes of Angry Birds, from China. Watch the video of the Angry Birds Shoes in action after the break.

These Angry Birds-branded shoes are exclusively released by Rovio in China. It’s an exclusive tie-up with China’s largest online shoe company LeTao.com. There are 7 kinds — 6 birds and 1 pig. We bought all of them. Let us show you how great it is. First: the box.

We see the Angry Birds logo on the shoe box. Nothing else. Boring.

By opening the box, this is the scene that greets you. The wrapping paper inside the box is emblazoned with Angry Birds logo! This is definitely not a packaging we would want to throw away.

Here’s the shoes! The red bird!

The shoes look like the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars series. A full cast of Angry Birds characters is printed on both sides of the shoes. The colors are very nice, and it feels great to put our feet into these canvas and rubber shoes.

This is the green pig version. Sadly, there’s only one kind.

The yellow bird!

The blue bird!

The green bird!

The white bird! This is probably the nicest one, but it can get dirty quickly due to its white color.

The black bird!

There’s high top version too!

Do we like them? Sure. The Angry Birds game is our all time favorite, so having a real piece of them in our hands (or on our feet) is great. If you are a fan of Angry Birds, you will definitely want one of these shoes. How do I buy them since I’m not in China? Well, we can help you with that. These Angry Birds shoes are available for $19.90 per pair at M.I.C Store. (SOLD) It’s cool to own these shoes to impress your geeky friends. You can also check out more detailed pictures (SOLD) on the Angry Birds shoes at M.I.C. store.

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