How much is the iPhone 8 going to cost?

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How much is the iPhone 8 going to cost? Apple has introduced two models of new iPhone 8. In addition to a completely new version equipped with OLED-display will be available in particular the new 4.7 and 5.5 – inch iPhone 8 which will replace iPhonee 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. iPhone 8 32GB may be the most affordable model iPhone.

For those who keep the situation under control and follows the innovations of Apple’s flagship iPhone 7 already been thoroughly studied. About him already know everything. Discussed and studied all its characteristics, is known performance, battery life possible. There are even, and its flaws. In the view of fans of these devices was now a new generation smartphone from the company Apple – iPhone 8.

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The Apple want to raise the demand for their own smartphones incl. new iPhone 8, reducing the price of the 4.7-inch 32GB iPhone 8, it will be cheaper than the 32GB’s iPhone 7. In particular, at $100, compared with his father may decline in price of 5.5- inch LCD-display iPhone 8 Plus. At this point, we recall, iPhone 7 started at price of 650 dollars for the 32-gigabyte version, and iPhone 7 plus a $ 120 more expensive. This mean that rumors say that new smartphone iPhone 8 will be better price like iPhone 7. We know believe that rumors, but we thing that all iPhone 8 prices will be similar like iPhone 7. How much is the iPhone 8 going to cost? – you can read