How To Buy Cheap iPhone 6s without / with contract price.

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Some days ago we wrote message about special cheap iPhone 6s price with contract for all who want to buy new iPhone 6s via China Telecom. Today you can do it now.

How to buy cheap iPhone 6s with contact:

Step 1: Sign up for China Telecom’s ¥399 monthly two year 4G plan and pay in full for an iPhone 6s 16 GB (¥5,288). For the first 23 months of your contract, China Telecom will reimburse ¥220 to your mobile account each month and then ¥228 RMB on the final month.

That all adds up to a free iPhone 6s 16 GB, plus an incredible 2,000 minutes of talk time and 6 GB of 4G data to use every single month!

Step 2: Get an iPhone 6s Plus 16 GB or an iPhone 6s 64 GB when you sign up for a 2-year ¥499 monthly plan. For the first 23 months, you get a monthly rebate of ¥255 and then ¥223 for the last month.

The total would be ¥6088 which is the price of a new iPhone 6s Plus 16 GB or an iPhone 6s 64 GB. A bargain, considering the monthly allowance of 6 GB of local data usage, and 3000 minutes domestic airtime!

Step 3: Sign up for a 2-year plan on China Telecom’s Family Bundle on the ¥169, ¥199, or ¥299 monthly plans, and enjoy a ¥400 discount on your new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus!

Don’t forget – if you want buy iPhone 6s with our contact, you must pay complete price. 🙂

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