How To Check If You Bought a New iPhone or Refurbished or Replacement

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How-to-Check-if-iPhone-is-New-Refurbished-ReplacementHere you can find complete guide How To Check If You Bought a New iPhone or Refurbished or Replacement. Androyd phone users do not understand why buying a new iPhone, the buyer must connect to Wi-Fi or use cellular data. But we know that. 🙂 If you bought an iPhone in a sealed box and the seller assures that it is new, this does not guarantee that the iPhone is new.

Before you start working with the new Apple smartphone, you need to activate it. The activation procedure involves connecting the smartphone with the inserted SIM card to the Apple activation servers. To do this, you just need to connect to Wi-Fi or use cellular data. Only after the owner of the iPhone receives an activation confirmation will he be able to use his device.

– If the first time you turn on the smartphone, the user immediately gets on the home screen, bypassing the welcome, activation and configuration screens, then he was already in use.

– If, after the first iPhone is turned on, the welcome screen appears, it will not mean that the gadget was not used.

How to check if you bought a new iPhone?

Step 1: Find out the serial number

The Apple website has a section entitled “Verifying Service and Support Rights”, in which you can quickly and effortlessly check if the iPhone really has been purchased by the buyer. All the user needs to know to work with the service is the serial number of the device:

– You can find this number from activated gadgets in the “Settings”, in the “General” section, in the “About this device” menu item.

– In that case, if the smartphone meets the user with the start Welcome screen, its serial code can be found by pressing the “i” button in the lower right corner.

– The serial number of the iPhone is also listed on the label on the back of the original box.

Step 2: Check if you bought a new iPhone:

1. Go to the “Verifying Service and Support Rights” section on the Apple website here.

2. Enter the iPhone’s serial number in the appropriate field, enter the code shown in the picture and click “Continue”.

If, when checking a supposedly new iPhone (or officially restored, refurbished), the message “You need to activate the iPhone” appears, it really confirms that the smartphone did not have a history and new iPhone is really new.

If the activation date that you spent will differ from the one specified in the “Verification of the right to service and support” service, then you can safely complain to the seller – the smartphone was activated earlier, i.e. Unfortunately, you are not the first owner of this iPhone.

After activation, the service right to service and support will appear (perhaps not immediately, but within a day) the estimated end date of the Right to service and repair, which is determined by adding 365 days to the day of activation. In other words, to find out the first activation date, subtract exactly 1 year from the estimated date.

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