How To enable 3D Touch on the iPad Pro via Apple Pencil!!!

Apple iPad Pro is very powerful device. Can I enable 3D Touch on the iPad Pro via Apple Pencil? Yes…

iOS developer (Hamza Sood) released download links for his 3D Touch method on iPad Pro via Apple Pencil. This is only possible on the iPad Pro thanks to the Apple Pencil and its array of sensors, which, typically, are meant to read layers of pressure data for painting, writing and sketching. It’s very interesting way for all who want more via iPad Pro.

If you are one from iPad Pro who want enable 3D Touch way for iPad Pro, you can see such video!!!

We can see Peek and Pop working in the video, thanks to the Apple Pencil. It’s certainly a neat trick of the software and hardware. It just goes to show that Apple’s technology can be used in a variety of different ways, much different than what Apple has released them for. Indeed, just recently it was showcased how the Apple Pencil can be used as a variety of different tools, like a synthesizer and weight scale.