How To Share Wi-Fi Password From iPhone, iPad

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Here you find complete guide how to share Wi-Fi password from iPhone, iPad running on iOS 12, iOS 11 and next gen iOS 13. For example, you came to visit your friends for a holiday and want to connect to their home Wi-Fi. You know how difficult it is, because the owners may not remember their Wifi password on iPhone or MacBook and finding it in the house is not always easy. Therefore, we often stay without Wifi. But at Apple, we thought about us and made it possible to share a Wi-fi password from an iPhone, iPad to another iPhone or Mac. This is a very amazing and convenient function.

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How To Share Wi-Fi Password From iPhone, iPad

Step 1: Select your Wi-fi network on friend’s iPhone, iPad, Mac. (Go to “Settings” → “Wi-Fi” and select the wireless network you want to connect to)
Step 2: Connect your iPhone, iPad to Mac to your Wi-Fi network.
Step 3: On your iPhone, iPad or Mac, a window will appear with an offer to share the Wi-Fi password. Tap “Share Password”. Note that the window may not appear immediately. Sometimes you need to wait about five seconds. If you closed this window, you can return to it by blocking and unlocking the device.


Step 4: A few seconds after confirming the operation, the Wi-Fi password will be automatically entered on the device on which the password was not previously specified. Tap “Done”:


Now, when you connect your iPhone to friend’s home Wi-fi network, a window appears on the screen of your friend iPhone that prompts him to transfer Wi-Fi password from an iPhone to you. Your friend just press one button and you will be able to connect to their home wifi.

!!! To be able to share a Wi-Fi password from one iOS device to another, you need iOS 11 installed on both devices and Bluetooth is turned on. If both of these simple requirements are met, the case remains small.

In iOS 11, a lot of useful features have appeared, some of which cannot be detected simply by studying the settings of the operating system. One of these new features has become a feature that allows you to share your Wi-Fi password with another device as quickly and simply as possible. How this function works is described in this manual.

It is very important to know: during the transfer of the password, you will not see the password itself and you will not know it. Your smartphone will keep it encrypted, so no one will know it. You can use this connection without knowing the password itself.