How to update apps in iOS 13 on iPhone

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In iOS 13, Apple will slightly change the layout of items in its app store. Because of this, the section with updates will disappear from the main page of the catalog. Instead, we are offered to use the service Apple Arcade, its very appearance has already caused a lot of discussion in social networks.

Many users did not like the disappearance of the section with updates. In fact, he had merely changed his location. Let’s see where to find it now and how to update installed applications.

How to update apps in iOS 13 on iPhone: 

Now the section with updates will be located in the account properties. To get there, open the App Store, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner, and then find the “Available updates” section in the settings. There will be all programs for which there are updates, provided that the auto-update function is disabled.

From the main page of the App Store was missing quite an important element, and the new place for him was very unfortunate. This arrangement is not intuitive. It would be better for Arcade to create a separate application, and updates are not tied to it. After all, they are used by all users without exception, and the game service of the company may not get it.

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