How to Use ChatGPT on iPhone

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To use ChatGPT on your iPhone, you can follow these instructions:

Please note that these instructions are based on the assumption that
OpenAI has released an official ChatGPT app for iPhone. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, no official app has been released. Make sure to verify the availability of an official app from OpenAI by visiting the App Store or OpenAI’s official website.


  1. Install the OpenAI ChatGPT app: Start by downloading and installing the OpenAI ChatGPT app from the App Store on your iPhone. Make sure to download the official app developed by OpenAI.

  2. Launch the ChatGPT app: Locate the app on your iPhone’s home screen and tap on it to open it.

  3. Create or log in to your OpenAI account: If you already have an OpenAI account, log in using your credentials. Otherwise, follow the prompts to create a new account. You may need to provide your email address, choose a password, and complete any necessary verification steps.

  4. Access the ChatGPT interface: Once you’re logged in, you should be directed to the ChatGPT interface. Here, you can start interacting with the language model.

  5. Enter your text input: At the bottom of the app’s interface, you’ll find a text input field. Tap on it and start typing your message or question that you’d like to ask ChatGPT.

  6. Engage in a conversation: After entering your text input, tap the “Send” button or hit the return key on the keyboard. ChatGPT will process your message and provide a response. Continue the conversation by typing your next message and repeating this process.

    Remember that ChatGPT is an AI language model, and while it can provide helpful and informative responses, it may occasionally produce inaccurate or nonsensical answers. Exercise critical thinking and evaluate the responses accordingly.