How To Use Face ID on iPhone with a Face Mask

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You don’t need to remove your face mask to use an iPhone with Face ID recognition. Here you can see more about How To Use Face ID on iPhone with a Face Mask

It turns out that you only need to configure the function correctly once and there will be no problems with your smartphone successfully detecting your face in a mask. At the same time, other people in masks will not be given access to the phone by the iPhone in any case.

This method was discovered and tested by specialists of the Xuanwu laboratory. They took the issue seriously, as it turned out that a huge number of people have difficulty using their smartphones in protective masks. The method they worked out allows a masked person to unlock an iPhone using Face ID with a 90% probability.

How To Enable Face ID on iPhone with Face Mask:

1. Take the mask and fold it in half to block half of your face.

It is best to apply the mask as tightly as possible to the face and make sure that the upper corners of the mask cover half of the tip of the nose. In this case, there will be no difficulties with unblocking in the future.

2. Hold the mask on half of your face and start setting up the Face ID function.

Follow the normal procedure for setting up Face ID, while holding the mask on half of your face. An error message may appear during configuration. In this case, you just need to try to repeat the configuration. Most often, the second time it ends successfully.