iCloud Login My Account + Email

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iCloud Login My Account + Email. How to iCloud Login from iPhone and iPad? Sometimes we want to login via iPhone or iPad from unknown or device. For example – you want to login via friends iPhone SE or Samsung Galaxy S7 or others android devices. It’s very nice because lot of iPhone owners have not only iPhone, but Samsung Tablet and can see contacts, notes or emails not only on iPhone, but on Android smartphones.

We know that iCloud is best iOS feature for backup and restore your confidence information from yours devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac. If you want install iCloud account on your device, you can do it now for free. But, sometimes we have one problem. We want iCloud login from iPhone without install account on friends or office iPhone.

Today you can do it. We have such simple way for how to sign in iCloud on friends iPhone / iPad:

Step 1: Go to App Store, Google Market or Google browser.
Step 2: Find + download + install Google Chrome App.
Step 3: Go to iCloud.com
Step 4: Click button (right side) in Google Chrome + Request Desktop Site
Step 5: Done. You can iCloud Login from iPhone now.

Application Notes [Notes] appeared in OS X for a long time and if you think it’s just a place where you can leave some small record, you’re really not underestimate the usefulness of this application.

In fact, the notes may be used as a cross-platform clipboard. Because they can save not only text but also photos, various documents (PDF, Doc) and files (ZIP).

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