iOS 10. How To Delete Default Apps. Lies or True.

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iOS 10. How To Delete Default Apps. The first installed the beta version of the operating system iOS 10 found in the system feature that allows you to remove the standard applications. Yesterday we wrote  that new functionality removes default iPhone and iPad apps, and reinstall them on the device is performed using the App Store store, but… It’s not true.

Today, on Apple official website appeared useful information that explains the details about how to remove the standard applications.

So, Craig Federighi said that the standard application is not removed from the iOS 10 supported devices, but only hidden from the desktop and are not available for searching.

Thus, even after the removal of the default apps with the iPhone and iPad, it continues to occupy a place on the drive. Why? Lies again.

We must admit that the news about the incomplete removal of standard applications became bitter truth for many users, “apple” techniques which so inspired by yesterday’s information, because this change has become one of the most useful in iOS 10. One way – iOS 10 jailbreak and Cydia Tweak.