iOS 10 iMessage Features + Specs

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iOS 10 iMessage last features and updates. Today we want to tell you good news for all who wait iOS 10 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

It is expected that with the help of iMessage in iOS 10 users will be able to send money to any contact from the address book.

For sending money will be enough to add to the Wallet application on the gadget a bank card. Your friend, who has iOS 10 on iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch will receive the transfer. In the future, Apple is going to implement the ability to send funds to users who do not have the device Apple.

How direct function is implemented to send money, not reported. It is assumed that the transfer can be formalized directly from the message window, for example, if instead of a text write the number, for example, $ 100, then the messenger will notice and suggest make a transfer to the entered amount. Mandrel money will be further supported by a code sent by SMS.