iOS 10 Update – iMessage, App Store, Social Networks.


New news about iOS 10 update. Next time for iMessage, App Store and more. We like to use the built-in messaging feature on the Messages app today largely behind the third-party IM clients.

Apple has a lot to learn from Slack Telegram and developers. Today messengers – is not just a platform for the exchange of messages, they are transformed into real social networks.

App Store for iOS 10 needs a new design. Today is not so easy to find new and interesting applications, and we are well aware that the company plans to solve this problem.

Certainly today, as an alarm you are using your smartphone. I use just two, because the alarm clock for iOS too simple. Next to my iPhone is a smartphone on Android, the application is installed Service developed by Microsoft. Many users would also be able to set the time for the alarm again.

iOS 10 Jailbreak – nothing new. All who have jailbroken device know that iPhone without jailbreak like life without s.x.