iOS 10 What Do You Want To See.

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iOS 10 release date isn’t same secret. All iPhone owners know that Apple presents their new iOS in June on Developer Conference. iOS 10 will be released on WWDC 2016.

Today we want to tell you some thing about iOS 10 features. What do you want to see in new iOS 10 via Apple? New design? New features? Maybe new icons? On our home page you can see our simple poll when you and all homepages subscribers can vote about iOS 10. 

Now we can see very strange situation, 82% answered “Nothing New”. 🙂 Why? We know that iPhone owners isn’t android fans and want to see on thei idevices only high quality apps and features. last years Apple released lots new features and iPhone owners are tired of the large numbers features. We want to see only that what we want to see. Nothing new.

Pls your comments…. 

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