iOS 12 Bad Battery Life – How To fix it?


iOS 12 Bad Battery Life. How to fix it? We know that Apple does slow down the performance of older devices, and the slowdown is directly related to the battery. It’s mean that new iOS 12 bad battery life isn’t rumors but reality. Let’s discuss in more detail the problem.

Of course Apple makes it so we can enjoy new features on our older devices. This suggests that if we want to have the best features on our phone, we need to be prepared for a bad battery life from the smartphone. It’s not very nice , but only way to have it.

On the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, it was possible to check the status of the performance management function. It is this function that changes the maximum performance of the battery, thereby slowing down the iPhone. It is needed to prevent unexpected device shutdown, and if necessary, you can turn it off.

In iOS 11.3 Apple deactivated this function by default and turns on only after the first unexpected shutdown of the iPhone with a battery whose capacity is insufficient to provide the required level of maximum instantaneous power. But some developers leaked that in iOS 12 this function will be enable again. Why? Yes, because smartphones began to quickly overheat and shut down. I understand that new iOS 12 has cool features, but i understand that my old iPhone 6 isn’t done to work on iOS 12. It’s normal. It’s a life.

What to do? Or install iOS 12 and you can see iOS 12 bad battery life or but new iPhone X.

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