iOS 12 Beta Release Date in 2018

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iOS 12 beta release date: 4 June, 2018. It’s official iOS 12 release date. Every year, Apple releases its new version of the OS on the first day of the conference. We know that the company reported that the developers’ conference will be held on June 4 this year. This means that at the end of the first day we will be able to download a new OS for free.

iOS 12 beta release date: 4 June, 2018

Many smartphone users from Apple do not know that updates can be downloaded earlier than on the official day. But such an opportunity has big disadvantages and problems. Firstly, the first beta version always works poorly, it quickly discharges the battery in the smartphone and is constantly buggy. Of course there is a huge plus in using the new OS, but I always try not to install the beta version on my main iPhone.

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