iOS 12 Review – How To Enable a smart “Do Not Disturb” mode in iOS 12

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How To Enable a smart “Do Not Disturb” mode in iOS 12. Do Not Disturb on the iPhone allows you to block incoming calls, messages and notifications when you go to bed or do not want the phone to distract you from work.

iOS 12 received new features and gained additional features. Now it can automatically turn off after a certain time, when changing the geo position or when the event ends in the calendar. We have figured out how to use the updated Do Not Disturb mode.

Use additional functions simply. Open the Control via swipe from the bottom or from the top left of the screen if you have an iPhone X or iPad. Click the Do Not Disturb icon and select the desired option.

– For 1 hour – blocks incoming calls, messages and notifications for an hour.

– Until today morning / lunch / evening – allows you not to be distracted by the iPhone several hours at a time depending on the current time of day.

– Before I leave this geography, it turns off sounds and notifications until you change the geography, for example, you do not come home from work.

– Until the end of the current event – makes the device silent until the end of the event from your calendar.

If these settings are small, you can click on the “Schedule” button. It opens a menu with additional settings. They are used to set the time for automatic activation and deactivation of the “Do Not Disturb” mode, “Sleeping” function, contact tolerance and other options.