iOS 13.4 has iPhone recovery “by air» feature without computer


A couple of weeks ago, Apple released the third beta versions of iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4 for developers. In the new version of iOS 13.4, hints were found to restore the operating system “over the air”. It looks like Apple is actually working on such a feature.

Now you need to connect the device to a Mac or Windows PC to restore the system. To restore a HomePod or Apple Watch system that does not connect to your computer, you need to contact a specialist. Agree that this is not very convenient.

However, the new beta found references to the “system Restore” function, which will work in a new way. So far, there are not many details, but it seems that with its help, the device can be restored “by air”. This will be available for iPhone, Apple Watch, HomePod, and iPad. You will no longer need to connect these devices to your computer or take them to a specialist.

Apple has an Internet recovery option for macOS, but it is not available for other devices. Especially for iOS devices. This feature may hint that future iPhones won’t really have a Lightning connector. iOS 13.4 has iPhone recovery “by air» feature without computer