iOS 13.4 is the last hope for the Apple before a complete failure


We wait new iOS 13.4. This is the last hope for the company before a complete failure. iOS 13 has a large number of problems after launch. Why? Apple developers have been focusing on iOS 13.1 firmware instead of working on iOS 13.0.

This was because the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max were scheduled to be released with iOS 13.1. Of course this is strange to hear, I do not believe in such tales, as I am sure that such a huge Corporation can not have a problem with employees. If this information is correct, we should worry about the future of the company, as the further, the more errors in the new iOS 13. Nowadays, users do not want to think about problems, but want to solve all their problems as quickly as possible.

Sources at Apple say there have been major changes in the company in recent months, some workers have been laid off and some have received warnings. In the company there are rumors that now the main forces are thrown on updating the iOS 13.4, so that by the end of next year, users do not want to change their iPhones to Androids.

It’s no secret that this year, Android smartphones have caught up on the stability of Apple and thus show a huge increase in sales. It is not known what the audience will do if, after updating to the iOS 13.4, iPhones will continue to work with errors and problems. It is not surprising that many current owners may abandon the desire to update their smartphone and switch to Android. That’s why Apple understands this problem and is trying to release a new iOS 13.4.

Let’s hope the new iOS 13.4 will work without errors and bugs. iOS 13.4 is the last hope for the Apple before a complete failure