iOS 14 in 2020 – What will be in iOS 14?

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iOS 14 on iPhone

Jonathan Ive’s admission that he and his team are two years ahead of us, already working on the products Apple will be releasing in the next few years, extends to the software development team. This suggests that Apple has big plans for the new iOS 14 in 2020. Which models will get iOS 14? What will be in iOS 14?

What will be in iOS 14?

iOS 14, unlike iOS 13, which was mostly developed specifically for the iPad, will focus on expanding the functionality of the iPhone. In addition to 5G support, iOS 14 will focus on improving augmented reality.

Apple intends to continue to develop in this direction, because, most likely, at the same time with the release of the iPhone 12 (or iPhone 11S), for which iOS 14 will be a standard version of the iOS, the company will introduce its own AR-headset with the ability to connect to a smartphone.

iOS 14 on iPad

Apple is making the right move by planning to optimize the operating system to work with the 5G. Thus the modem can provide a maximum throughput, beating competing smartphone manufacturers.

Due to competent optimization, it will be possible to achieve acceptable energy consumption, which in the conditions of work on the Internet at high speeds is a priority task that competitors solve only by increasing the capacity of the battery.

The new iOS 14 has an interesting codename-Azul. Alas, there are few other details about the operating system. Apple is in no hurry to disclose corporate secrets.