iOS 7.1. How To Save Jailbreak iOS 7 and Cydia Tweaks.

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Apple released iOS 7.1 download links for testing, will patching and closing up the jailbreak iOS 7 (7.0.4, 7.0.3). DO NOT UPDATE! They closed the restore window on iOS 7.0.4. This means that if anyone has to restore their device on iOS 7.0.4, they are stuck without a jailbreak until another is released. What does this mean for you?

1) If you are already iOS 7.0.4 jailbroken, do not update.

2) Do not restore your device running on iOS 7.0.4. Doing so will force you onto iOS 7.1 (exception is older devices that can use redsn0w for restoring older FW).

3) If your jailbroken iOS 7.0.4 device will not boot, before restoring, try holding the volume up button while booting to get into forced safe mode. In this case, you can hopefully get back into your device to fix whatever you did to cause it not to boot.

4) iOS 7.0.4 users on iPhone 5s, 5c or iPad Air, Mini 2 type devices, you lost your chance to update to iOS 7.1 and jailbreak. Stay on iOS 7.0.4.

Do You Want To Download iOS 7.1 When It Comes Out?

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