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iOS 8 Lockscreen. Hundreds of times it was said that the biggest change will be iOS 8 in the history of the system since the announcement of the first iPhone – and this is pointless to argue. In iOS 8 will be revised many aspects to which we have long grown accustomed. This radically redesigned user interface and, of course, those funny icons that have become one of the main reasons for network design battles.

New iOS 8 download links will be announced in June during a regular presentations from Apple. IOS 8 beta download links for development continues to meet Jonathan Ive, lead designer of the corporation. The same one that on movies inspired Apple tells about new items with a memorable expression of enlightened teachers, and who invented the design iPhone, iMac, iPod, and other products of the company.

Some impatient users will soon beta testers iOS 8, and will run across some glitches. We would not venture to update your iPhone or iPad on the beta version (after all, it was a pity to lose the jailbreak, and then, if anything, to do again pullback iOS 7), but when will be released GM-Version of iOS 8, We would venture.

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