iOS 8 Features, Jailbreak, Download Links, Tips, You Should Know

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Apple iOS 8 features: Finder, Healthbook, Lock Apps, Quick Reply and more. Use the gadget running iOS 7 is easy and safe, however, even “pure” platform without jailbreak contains many options that may be unknown to novice users.

The official release of iOS 7 was certainly one of the most important and long-awaited event not only for the users of the products Apple, but also for all those involved in the field of modern technology.

We have repeatedly covered various innovations, advantages and shortcomings, which were shown as they appear beta versions of the platform and it’s time to take stock.

such a large project as iOS 7 could cause unequivocal reaction from
reviewers as well as ordinary users. Disagreements and disputes over a
fundamentally new style shell design of the individual components and
system performance as such will continue for a long time.

iOS 8 features ….. you should know…

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