iOS 8 Supported devices (Complete List)

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iOS 8 is available for download . We know that official iOS 8 release date download links 17-th September, 2014. You can download new iOS 8 version from here. We have one big question. What devices are iOS 8 compatible? Will Apple’s iOS 8 work on my iPhone? Which devices supported?

It’s officially supported iOS 8 devices:

iPhone 4S

iPhone 5

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus

iPad 2

iPad 3

iPad 4

iPad Air

iPad Mini

iPad Mini 2

iPod Touch 5G

P.S. How do i install iOS 8 iPhone 4!

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Tim Cook admitted that currently being developed some new types of products, but it is time to pull off the veil of secrecy from them did not come. Nevertheless, these new solutions to Apple very proud.

Cook justifies the long wait for new products that sometimes training products for the announcement is delayed, and be the first time display new items on the market – it is not the main task of Apple. Apple wasn’t the first in the case of the iPod, iPhone and iPad – players, smartphones and tablets existed on the market prior to their appearance. However, it is Apple products corresponding categories were among the best on the market. Much more important, according to Cook, do something right and not do it first.

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