iOS 9 iPhone 4S, Install Secret Features.

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How To Install iOS 9 for iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. iOS 9 the ninth generation of the operating system for mobile gadgets Apple. Its distinguishing feature is that it is the first mobile operating system, whose design company Apple wants to change the whole direction OS. iOS will get a few new features, such as the Touch ID features, Control Center, iMessage, and many others. The new iOS 9 operating system will be installed on last mobile devices Apple, excluding iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S (why). 

Don’t forget that iOS 7 is the first mobile operating system from Apple, which has changed dramatically in comparison with their predecessors. Last iOS 8 continued this trend. Now we have iOS 7 with new features but wihotu ned design. 2 years old. We want new design and new technology. We got countless negative reviews on iOS 8 (don’t forget iOS 8 on iPhone 4S history), and someone even collected signatures for a return of the old design. But ultimately all resigned Update number will be exceeded 100%. 

How Do I install iOS 9 iPhone 4S?  

What we will present iOS 9? I think we should wait for her to do something completely new. Most likely, the new version of the OS 9 will become a cherry on the cake”, where this same cake stands iOS 9. What issue minor updates, Apple iOS advisable to make the release of the new version iOS 9.

Do not forget that iOS 9 will created with the expectation of the emergence of new devices that will be presented later this year and next 2015. Obviously, the system can get the application Healthbook, if Apple still dare to enter the health care market with the iPhone and iPad. How so? Built-in sensors and detection of pulse pressure, or else release a separate accessory. There are many options.

Hopefully, this year Apple will focus so much on software (features + design) trends and to upgrade its fleet of “hardware” devices. 

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