iOS 9, What We Want To See In New.

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Today we want tell for us some thing about new iOS 9. If you are our subscriber,  you must know that new iOS 9 release date confirmed. Some people wrote for us some things about iOS 9 features. We want open poll about new iOS 9 features now. What you want in iOS 9? Maybe new lockscreen, new Control Center, new Desktop, Multiple User Login or Children Safe Login.

Why? iOS 8 released. 350 mln iOS owners installed new iOS 8. Everyday we want new features for business, work or lifestyle. Today we understand that it’s one way for experience with smartphones and tablets.

We think after iOS 9 release that the apple product is probably better due to the services ecosystem it has is interesting as, unlike just a few years ago, no-one seems to expect Apple’s hardware to be much of a differentiators anymore.

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