iPad Pro 9.7 Price in Usa, China, Europe.

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Apple presents iPad Pro 9.7 inch for all, who want to change their iPad Air or iPad. New iPad Pro 9.7 has more features and updates. Ok. Next time for iPad Pro 9.7 Price in Usa, China, Europe.

iPad Pro 9.7 -inch Price In USA:
Wifi: $599/32GB, $749/128GB, $899/256GB
Wifi + Cellular: $729/32GB, $879/128GB, $1029/256GB

iPad Pro 9.7 -inch Price In China:
Wifi: RMB 4388/32GB, RMB 5388/128GB, RMB 6388/256GB

iPad Pro 9.7 -inch Price In Europe:
Wifi: €689/32GB, €869/128GB, €1049/256GB
Wifi + Cellular: €839/32GB, €1019/128GB, €1199/256GB


New iPad Pro weighing less than 450 grams received a 9.7-inch screen. The display is 25% brighter than the iPad Air 2, and 40% less prone to glare, point to Apple. On the Apple presentation stated that the display iPad Pro – the most striking among this category of devices on the market.

The screen of the new iPad Pro was named True Tone. With built-in sensors, it analyzes the ambient light in real time and, guided by these data, changes the color temperature of the picture. Specifically, for example, next to the “warm” home screen it begins to turn yellow lights visible. According to Apple, thanks to a tweak image looks more natural to the eye.


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