iPadOS 14 has new cool features

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In the past, iPad users have often complained that they can’t use the Apple mouse when paired with an iPad. But the third-party mouse worked without problems. However, the mouse connected to the iPad only simulated touching the touch screen with a finger. So it was still impossible to fully use the mouse on an Apple tablet. iPadOS 14 has new cool features…

Everything should change with the new iPadOS 14. As analysts have discovered, Apple has revised mouse support on the new mobile operating system, and the use of the mouse on the iPad will not differ from MacOS. In other words, you will be able to work with the mouse on an iPad no less conveniently than on a MacOS computer.

But, as analysts point out, there is a difference. If the mouse doesn’t move for a while, the mouse cursor on the iPad disappears, and the control focus shifts back to the touch screen.

Apple also plans to introduce a new smart keyboard for tablets. In addition to the keys, it will offer a track pad. As a result, you can also use MacOS gestures to control your iPad. Thus, Apple continues to expand the set of features and scenarios for using the tablet.

It is not yet known whether Apple plans to create a complete replacement laptop with its iPad tablet in the future. But Apple is clearly moving in this direction. Will there be a MacBook with a detachable touchscreen – is unknown. iPadOS 14 has new cool features. Don’t forget read more about iOS 14 release date. Here you can find confirmed iOS 14 Download Beta Links.

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