iPhone 10 Release Date, Features, Updates.

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iPhone 10 release date updates. Today we want to tell you some things about next generation Apple’s smartphone iPhone 10 generation. It’s one of the most awaited smartphone in 2017. Why?

iPhone 10 Release Date in USA, Canada, UK, World:

iPhone Model: iPhone Release Date:
iPhone 2G (first generation) 29-Jun-07
iPhone 3G 11-Jul-08
iPhone 3GS 19-Jun-09
iPhone 4 (new design) 24-Jun-10
iPhone 4s 9-Sep-11
iPhone 5 (new design) 21-Sep-12
iPhone 5C (new design) 20-Sep-13
iPhone 5s 20-Sep-13
iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus 19-Sep-14
iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus 25-Sep-15
iPhone SE 31-Mar-16
iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus 16-Sep-16
iPhone 10 / iPhone 10 Plus September, 2017

Last rumor says that the new Apple’s smartphone will be iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, as well as the 5-inch iPhone 10 with vertical dual camera. The latest model of Ferrari goes under the code name. To date, the details of the premium model Apple has been known for quite a lot.

Apple plans to add to its smart fast charging function. Almost all the gadgets in this price range for charging is sufficient for 90 minutes, when the last iPhone has to keep at the outlet more than 2 hours. In Apple’s current flagship is not used fast charge technology, with the manufacturer to extend the capacity of the battery, so the latest generation of “apple” devices charged more slowly than their predecessors.

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Another “a premium technology”, which became known sources, will probably only iPhone 8. The function is called «tap to wake». What will be the technology is not reported, however, in some Android-smartphone has the option «double tap to wake», which allows the screen to unlock the device by double-tapping on the screen.