iPhone 10-th Generation will be name iPhone X, not iPhone 7S.

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We know that next iPhone 7 will be released in September, 2016. Design? Similar like iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 with a few changes. It’s very interesting because lots of iPhone owners want to know when will we see all new design iPhone. Maybe next iPhone in 2017. Some resources leaked information that Apple can change names of iPhone. iPhone 7S? iPhone 10-th generation will be have iPhone X, next iPhone X2 and ….

If the iPhone 7 is surely so far away, precisely what about the next iPhone 6s this new design has actually similarly made reports and speculations enhance although there are not yet a lot of apparent and specific models on it. Appleinsider and other fans of the iPhone, iPad and its devices have certainly brought the new features and requirements of the so-called iPhone 6S on the front stage, so all we can do is unwind and wait for the reports end up to be authentic.

One of the most popular reason why Apple fans speak about new name is one. iPhone 8 or iPhone 9 isn’t the good names for smartphones becauseit shows that the names of the new models can achieve iPhone 10 or iPhone 11 in the near future. iPhone X and iPhone X2 is the best names for new iPhone generations.

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